“One producer taking a notable step outside its comfort zone is Viña San Pedro…. One of Chile’s wine making behemoths, also owner of Viña Leyda, the group has been slowly but surely shifting its trajectory in recent years. Sustainability has been a focus – and this has led to one particular initiative that could be a game-changer in Chile.” This is how Richards opens his introduction to this project, which came about because of the zest for exploration at 1865, a winery that is renowned because of its history and quality. 

In addition to creating a great wine, the collaboration between the Buchahueico Mapuche community in the Malleco Valley and Viña San Pedro has yielded a new way of looking at the business that it hopes will serve as an example for wineries in Chile and around the world.

In terms of wine quality, Richards awarded 90 points to Tayu 1865 2019, and provided the following tasting note: “If the debut 2018 Tayu Pinot was all about restrained elegance, this 2019 (fruit of a warmer vintage) is altogether more sturdy and intense. It still comes with that characteristic hint of wild mint and underlying juicy freshness, just with more spicy black fruit intensity on the palate. It’s young yet very rewarding.”