Viña San Pedro was founded in 1865 in the Curicó Valley by the Correa brothers. Today, more than 150 years later, we still call this valley home.

The brothers were pioneers in bringing different varieties from the Old Continent to the Valley.

San Pedro is now one of the most important vineyards in Chile and one of the country’s most significant exporters, present in more than 80 countries around the world.

In 2002 we founded a special winery with a focus on fine wines. Located in the Cachapoal Andes Valley at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range. Here we make our five fine wines of Altair, Cabo de Hornos, Sideral, Kankana del Elqui and Tierras Moradas.

We also receive guests and offer tours in this beautiful and scenic setting.




San Pedro upholds the finest vineyards through sustainable and innovative winemaking, boldly exploring our rich soils to maintain a diverse and broad portafolio, crafting the best wines for millions across the world.

About Us

Our Gates first opened in 1865,
Welcoming new opportunities and ideas to contribute to and further the progress of Chilean winemaking.

Wine is as varied as the people who drink it.
Each bottle has a different character.
Each grape has unique potential.
Each sip made especially, for each passing moment.

We aim to create a collection of diverse wines
that can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.
That’s why we constantly seek excellence
and push the boundaries of winemaking possibility.

Our Gates have been open since 1865…
Welcoming new opportunities and ideas.
Elaborating wines in complete harmony.
With our people and our surroundings.

We work without limits.
To explore the rich, varied soils of our Chilean home
…a land that sits between the Andes and the sea…
…As well as the opportunities that lie beyond.

We credit our accomplishments to collective winemaking
combined with a global vision.

We make wine that matters.
For every occasion,
at any time.

San Pedro.

Our Gates Are Always Open.



Produces wine of exceptional
quality and remarkable value
through global reach and reliability.



Constantly looking for new valleys
and origins to further the progress
of Chilean winemaking.


A broad and unrivaled portafolio of
diverse wines from distinct origins.


Works in harmony with nature and
the environment to meet
innovative and sustainable goals.

We seek to push the limits of winemaking to create a broad and varied portfolio, while respecting our people and our surroundings.


Discover our Wineries.

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Cachapoal Andes Winery

In the foothills of the Andes mountain range, our
Cachapoal Andes winery, home to our finest
wines, is a place to discover the highest
expression of Chile’s diverse terroirs.

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Molina Winery

A place of history and Viña San Pedro’s home
for over 150 years, our Molina winery continues
to influence Chilean winemaking through its
lasting legacy.

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Viviana Magnere

Winemaker San Pedro's Everyday Wines

Agricultural Engineer and Enologist, graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Part of the Viña San Pedro team since 2006, today Viviana is the Chief Winemaker of GatoNegro, the most recognized brand of the San Pedro portfolio, present in more than 80 countries.

“Since I began in the world of wine, I’ve never stopped feeling surprised and energized by my job, which has become a constant source of inspiration, innovation, and learning. Today, I am as motivated as I was on my very first day to continue creating great wines for Viña San Pedro.”

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Mauricio González

Winemaker San Pedro's Everyday Wines

Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnología, and a member of our team for more than 18 years. Mauricio leads the area of ​​enological innovation, offering all his help and professionalism in the elaboration of different wines from our portfolio.

“During my more than 18 years at Viña San Pedro, I’ve been immersed in the world of wine as a whole, learning from the exciting challenges that we deal with year after year. These undoubtedly test and motivate us to keep our finger on the pulse of advances in technology and global trends, in order to achieve better wines and innovate new products for our consumers.”

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Gabriel Mustakis

Winemaker San Pedro's Fine Wines

Agricultural Engineer and Winemaker graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a member of our winemaking team since 2018. Today Gabriel is responsible for the Cachapoal Andes winery, where he is in charge of the vineyard's five fine wines: Altair, Cabo de Hornos, Sideral, Kankana del Elqui, and Tierras Moradas.

“A passion for wine and the industry has given me the chance to embark on great challenges, allowing me to grow both professionally and personally. This new role is an important step in my caree, and through it I hope to continue strengthening Viña San Pedro’s Fine Wines portfolio.”

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Andrea Calderón Vásquez

Enologist in charge of crafting 1865 three ranges: Selected Vineyards, Selected Blend and Selected Collection.

Andrea, an Agricultural Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, has excelled as a young but dedicated professional. In 2018 she joined Viña San Pedro’s Premium Brand team aiming to build upon the winemaking identity at the winery with the country’s most important and iconic viticultural origins. In this way, the true homeland that Chile has to offer can be revealed through the 1865 range. Today, Calderon rises to the important challenge of taking wines from the 1865 portfolio to the highest quality level, exploring new frontiers and innovating with her professionalism and winemaking experience.

I’ve always enjoyed being in contact with nature and the countryside. It’s wonderful being able to combine that with the world of sensations and perceptions that produces such a noble product as wine. Each place has its own expression and embodying that in a bottle involves a journey with a great team of people. This is a world where you work hard and never stop learning.

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