Cabo de Hornos

Cabernet Sauvignon

The instinct to discover new territories is a natural human condition, though navigating towards the uninhabited ends of the earth requires special courage and tenacity. Especially so in the 17th century, when the audacity and bravery of a group of Dutch navigators led to the discovery of Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of the Americas, and one of the most imposing places on earth, with powerful waters and adverse weather conditions.

This Cabernet Sauvignon was named in admiration of those brave explorers’ character, and to mark our respect for the fierce conditions of the continent’s south.

Cabo de Hornos, a pure Cabernet Sauvignon of great character from the volcanic soils of the Andean foothills of the Cachapoal Valley, pays tribute to these navigators through 17th-century cartographic design cues on the label.

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