Viña San Pedro is firmly committed to being a profitable winery, while always leading in sustainable management. We do this by caring for the environment and respecting the communities that surround us.

Sustainability is one of our values and an integral part of our DNA. It is simply the way we work, an aim that is present throughout each of our operations.

With an aim to continue challenging ourselves and improving our practices, in 2018 we began to work on our 3-year 360° Commitment program, working with a sustainable-first mentality in the areas of our environment, our employees, as well as the communities we work alongside.

The values that inspire us

Our people and surroundings are at the heart of what we do, which is why our values define our approach to sustainable winemaking.

  • 1

    Respectful agriculture: Promote environmentally-friendly agricultural practices that integrate the biodiversity of our surrounding with our people, so as to achieve quality production sustained over time.

  • 2

    Passion for our people and wine: Provide our employees job opportunities that guarantee dignity, security, and development; promoting happiness and personal and professional fulfillment alongside tools to be successful in their work. We educate about wine and its responsible consumption.

  • 3

    Honor our communities: Be a positive impact in the regions in which we are present, fostering relationships built on transparency and collaboration that promote their pride and sense of belonging.

  • 4

    Continuous improvement: In all our processes, we seek to innovate and develop projects that allow us to improve our water and energy consumption rates, through actions and measures that are more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability Model

    • Our People

      The people who accompany us throughout the production process are at the center of our business management. As they are our real competitive advantage, we promote integral development mindful of their well-being, so as to work towards a balanced way of life.

    • Responsible Consumption

      Through our programs, we promote a passion for wine and also its responsible consumption. B.Smart: Workshops with collaborators and our communities to give tools and continuous education regarding wine consumption.

    • Community Development

      Being a corporate citizen and a good neighbor is part of our philosophy. Buchahueico Community: An unprecedented collaborative business model with two families from the Buchahueico Community in the Araucanía Region to produce Pinot Noir Grapes.

    • Innovation & Leadership

      Generate value through new projects in order to challenge the limits of our industry and ensure the sustainability of our future business.

    • Products & Services

      Promote the culture of creativity and innovation, both in our vineyard and throughout the country, through different initiatives. Innovation.lab: At innovation.lab we reflect a culture of creativity and innovation that constantly conceives of new products conveying this spirit. These include Epica Sangría, GatoBlack Breeze, Vegan Friendly certifications, sustainable packaging, etc.

    • From the vineyard to the bottle.

      Aim for an efficient production chain from the vineyard to the bottle, promoting balanced processes with the environment and ensuring quality production is sustained over time.

    • Water Management

      Agricultural water use: With our agricultural overhaul plan, our estates will increase the surface area using technical irrigation for more efficient water use. Today, 80% of our land between Chile and Argentina implements technical irrigation; a total of 3.273 has.

    • Industrial Waste Valorization

      Waste recovery: VSPT is one of the few companies in Chile that signed the zero waste to landfill agreement, commiting to reducing, reusing or recycling 100% of its industrial waste by 2020.

    • Generation & Use of Renewable Energy

      Biogas plant and Mini Hydroelectric plant: Our first biogas plant, which supplies electric and thermal energy using our organic harvest waste. Solar Panels: We are working on projects that push us toward our goal of generating 100% of our electricity from renewable energies by 2021.

    • Clients and Consumers.

      We aspire to win over our clients and consumers, in order to maximize profitability. This is achieved through Growth, Brand Value, Strategic Partnerships, Responsible Consumption, Advertising Waste Management, and EPR Law.

    • Brand Value

      Build differentiating value proposals, based on our brands, that allow us to consolidate ourselves as a world-class wine group.

    • Strategic Partners

      Build long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and strategic guidelines.

    • Advertising waste management

      Manage the final destination of our print advertising material.

    • REP Law

      Lead in an exemplary, anticipatory manner and in compliance with the law.

    • Government.

      Make decisions in an ethical, complete, and transparent manner; in keeping with our values and considering the development and needs of our strategic interest groups.

    • Continual Improvement

      Certified Sustainable Wines of Chile: The Sustainability Code is a voluntary instrument, designed to incorporate sustainable practices in the wine industry, based on requirements in three complementary areas: vineyards, processes, and social.

B.Smart Drink Responsibly

We implemented with the dual objective of stimulating a passion for wine while at the same time promoting sensible, moderate alcohol consumption. This program has enabled us to transmit this message among our associates and communities.



Get to know our commitments through our GRI Sustainability Report.

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