The acclaimed brand, which pays tribute to the year Viña San Pedro was founded, has unveiled a
new image which faithfully reflects its attributes of sophistication and modernity – characteristics
which define 1865.
This evolution strives to bring out the brand’s distinguishing elements and lend a more premium
look to the renowned Selected Vineyards range. The changes enhance brand presence and the
legibility of various elements in the three new labels. The first modification is greater logo
presence, enhancing brand visibility. The second is a greater emphasis on the origin, drawing
attention to 1865’s exploratory spirit and how the brand strives to find the best combination of
variety and valley. Finally, the third change gives prominence to the Viña San Pedro endorsement,
and a branded capsule has also been added.
The changes, which have been tested successfully around the world, improve several measures of
appeal and purchase intent. The new look is regarded as more sophisticated and modern:
elements which are undoubtedly valued and desired by consumers of these excellent wines.