Shanghai was the city chosen to launch Altair’s latest vintage, which features a new image and is
also the first vintage at the hands of the winemaker for San Pedro icon wines: Gabriel Mustakis.
The venue was the luxurious XinRongJi restaurant, which is among the city’s most prestigious and
is located near the iconic Bund promenade. Guests enjoyed an exquisite wine dinner along with a
thorough presentation of the wine from its winemaker. Through a video and an introduction,
attendees were educated about the San Pedro Cachapoal terroir, the winery and vineyards, and
the characteristics which give life and character to this wine.
The guests were amazed by Gabriel’s impressive exhibition, as well as the excellence of the service
and, of course, by Altair – the brightest star in the Cachapoal skies.
This event builds on a series of activities planned for key markets such as the USA, Canada, Brazil
and Chile, aiming to strengthen the positioning of wines from the Cachapoal Valley as well as, of
course, the San Pedro icon wines.